Walker County Hospital District

The Walker County Hospital District (“District”) of Walker County, Texas is a political subdivision of the State of Texas.

The District was authorized by an Enabling Act by the Texas Legislature under Senate Bill No. 1020 of the 62nd Legislature on June 9, 1971. On November 4, 1975, an election was held in which a majority of the voters of the county approved the creation of the District. The District boundaries are the same as Walker County.

The Enabling Act provided for a five member board of managers to conduct the business of the District. The term of office for each member of this board is two years. An election is held to replace members when their terms expire.

The Enabling Act also authorizes the board of managers to provide for the establishment of a hospital or hospital system within its boundaries, stating: “to furnish Hospital care to persons residing in the District by the purchase, construction, acquisition, repair or renovation of buildings and improvements and the equipping of same and the administration thereof for hospital purposes. Such District shall assume the full responsibility for providing hospital care for its needy inhabitants.”

The board of managers of the District is committed to working with the medical community to improve and expand health care right here in our community hospital and clinics.