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Please note that our next regular board meeting is July 27, 2022 at 6:00pm. This meeting will be held at the First National Bank building 1300 11th St Huntsville, Texas on the 6th floor Blalock conference room.



Walker County Indigent Care Program

The Walker County Hospital District is proposing to change the eligibility standards for basic health services provided through the District’s indigent care program from one hundred percent (100%) of the Federal poverty level to fifty percent (50%) of the Federal poverty level. The District is proposing to make the changes effective December 1, 2020.

As required by Texas state law, the District is required to provide a public notice of the change ninety (90) days prior to the date the change would go into effect. The District is also required to conduct a public hearing not less than thirty (30) days before the changes would go into effect. Members of the public may testify at this public hearing. The District is scheduling the hearing to take place at its public office at 06:00 PM on September 9, 2020 at 1300 11th Street, Suite 515, Huntsville, TX 77340.

In the event that it is not permissible for the District to hold the public hearing on this date due to state or local order related to the coronavirus, the District will hold a meeting by teleconference and will provide information on its website regarding how to participate.

About Walker County Hospital District

The Walker County Hospital District of Walker County, Texas is a political subdivision of the State of Texas. The District was authorized by an Enabling Act by the Texas Legislature under Senate Bill No. 1020 of the 62nd Legislature on June 9, 1971. A five member Board of Managers conducts the business of the District.

Walker County Facts

Walker County has an estimated population of 69,789 (2014 est). The county encompasses a total area of 802 square miles, and the county’s largest cities include Huntsville, New Waverly and Riverside. The county serves as home to Sam Houston State University, as well as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, located in Huntsville. For additional facts on Walker County, please visit the county’s website:

Walker County History

Walker County is the home of General Sam Houston, hero of the Texas Revolution, governor of Texas, US Senator, and first president of the Republic of Texas. Walker County was a cradle of learning and education in early Texas. Sam Houston State University was founded in 1879. The County is also home to the second oldest newspaper in Texas, the Huntsville Item. For additional information on the history of Walker County, please visit: 

Huntsville Memorial Hospital

Huntsville Memorial Hospital, chartered in 1927, is a Joint Commission-accredited, not-for-profit acute care community hospital. The fourth-largest employer in Walker County, the hospital continues to set the standard for community-focused quality care. For additional information on the hospital, please visit the hospital’s website:


Letter to the Editor - Huntsville Item


August 22, 2019

The Huntsville Item
Letter to the Editor

The public has a right to know.

Imagine this scenario: You have serious chest pains but there is no hospital for 30 miles because Huntsville Memorial Hospital has closed. For the past two years, Walker County Hospital District Managers have been working with consultants, legal counsel, and, most important, the local community to do everything possible to prevent this scenario from becoming a reality for county residents by keeping the hospital open.

The good news is that the District is close to entering a transaction with a new operator in order to save our hospital. The District’s challenge is that Walker County Hospital Corporation, a totally separate organization from the District, is in dire financial straits and the District is working tirelessly to keep the hospital doors open.

I agree with your editorial “The public has a right to know (August 18).” It is important that the public understand several important facts about the distinction between actions by the District and actions by the Hospital Corporation.

The District was established in 1975 to create and maintain a hospital in Walker County. The District has had one primary goal: to maintain our hospital to provide healthcare for the benefit of our community.

The Hospital Corporation is a separate entity from the District and operates Huntsville Memorial Hospital independently through a lease with the District. The District was not responsible for the decisions of the Hospital Corporation that led to its current financial condition.

District Managers have spent the past 18 months attempting to stabilize the financial condition of the Hospital Corporation until a new operator or partner is found. A year ago, The District and Hospital Corporation participated in an auction process to try to sell the Hospital. Unfortunately, after a thorough and robust auction process, no viable buyer was found. The District has been exploring alternative arrangements, such as a management agreement. After careful consideration, District Managers concluded that during and after the auction process, the best use of taxpayer dollars was to provide subsidies to continue hospital operations to prevent closure of the hospital. These subsidies were for a period of three months and were necessary to keep the hospital from closing almost a year ago.

Nineteen hospitals in Texas have closed since 2010, the most of any state. The healthcare reimbursement system for community hospitals has been challenging for a long time. It will take cooperation between the District and the new operator to overcome the Hospital’s current financial difficulties.

District Managers are optimistic that we have found a hospital operator that can improve our Hospital. The District is still working with its consultant to determine the District’s ability to provide the appropriate financial support for the Hospital. We anticipate that, if all goes as expected and the District obtains appropriate financial support, the transaction will be completed by the end of the year.

Regarding transparency, the District has held regular meetings open to the public. When attorney-client confidential information or potential transaction confidential information was discussed, the District held a limited number of closed sessions consistent with Texas law. It is simply not appropriate to release the draft work product of our legal consultants.

I also agree with your statement that “The hospital and healthcare options are extremely important to this community.” The District will continue to meet its commitment to maintain a hospital for our community with diligence and dedication. Board Managers understand that, to be successful, we must operate with transparency in order to obtain the understanding and support of the community.


Anne Karr-Woodard

Notice of Public Hearings on Tax Increase
Certification of Unopposed Candidates
Order of Cancelation
Notice About 2020 Tax Rates
Notice of Sealed Bid Sale - Ella Smither Geriatric Center

WALKER COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT, a body politic and corporate and a subdivision of The State of Texas (herein described as “Seller” or “District”) will be conducting a Sealed Bid sale of the real estate and all improvements located at 1115 Avenue O, Huntsville, Texas 77340, containing 6.324 acres out of Blocks 104 and 104B, Huntsville Townsite, City of Huntsville, Walker County, Texas, commonly known as the Old Huntsville Memorial Hospital, and recently known as the Ella Smither Geriatric Center, with additional frontage on 11th Street and on the north side of 12th Street and on the west side of Avenue N, and the southeast corner of Avenue O and 12th Street, with additional frontage on the north side of 13th Street and being further described on Exhibit “A” in the Bid Package. The bids will be opened on Thursday, the 1st day of August, 2019 in the administrative offices of the District, at 4:00 p.m. C.S.T. The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids. All submission of bids must be in conformity with the Bid Instructions as set forth in the “Bid Package”and the “Bid Documents” as defined in the Bid Instructions.

This Property will be conveyed on an “AS IS” basis, with any and all latent and patent defects and that there is no warranty by Seller that the Property is fit for a particular purpose. Bidders acknowledge that they are not relying upon any representation, statement or other assertion by Seller with respect to the Property condition, but are relying upon their own, independent examination of the Property. The successful bidder shall take the Property under the express understanding that there are no express or implied warranties (except for limited warranties of title which shall be set forth in the closing documents).

Notice of Asbestos Disclaimer

There exists an Asbestos Testing Report dated December 9, 2016, related to the former Huntsville Memorial Hospital building only. Based on this Report, the former hospital building includes asbestos containing materials. That Report will be provided to interested persons at the District’s office. After sale, no responsibility is assumed by the District for any such environmental conditions, either known or unknown, including items such as asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, mildew, etc., or for any expertise or engineering required to detect, discover, or remediate them as this property is being sold “AS IS.”

Interested persons may obtain copies of the Bid Package, including instructions, requirements, Asbestos Testing Report, and Bid Form at: The District’s office at 1300 11th Street, Suite #515, Huntsville, Texas 77340.

Sealed bids submitted after 4:00 p.m. C.S.T. on the 1st day of August, 2019 will not be considered.


Anne Woodard, Chairman
Board of Managers

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Statement by WCHD Board of Managers, August 28, 2019
Order of Election Cancellation
Notice of Effective Tax Rate 2020
Certification of Unopposed Candidates for Other Political Subdivision
Notice of Deadline to File an Application for Place on the Ballot

Notice of Effective Tax Rate
WCHD Resolution 2019-0828 for Letter of Intent
WCHD 2020 Budget
Notice of Tax Revenue Increase
2020 Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Increase
2021 Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Increase

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